Medoc Ortho is a web-based platform for optimally implementing Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) for Orthopedics.

Defined patient pathways comprise a large part of Orthopedics, and are based on national and international standards. The number of patient pathways within Orthopedics is constantly being expanded.

Available Patient Pathways:

Hip Spine
• Primary hip prosthesis
• Lumbar spine
• Hip prosthesis revision
• Cervical spine
Knee • Deformities < 18 years
• Primary total knee prosthesis
• Deformities > 18 years
• Unicondylar knee prosthesis
• Back fracture/trauma
• Patellofemoral knee prosthesis
• Neck fracture/trauma
• Total knee prosthesis revision
• Infection
• Arthroscopy of the knee
• Metastases
• Cruciate ligament reconstruction of the knee

Ankle/foot • Short thumb
• Primary ankle prosthesis
• Long thumb
• Ankle prosthesis revision
• Short wrist
• Ankle arthrodesis
• Long wrist
• Arthroscopy of the ankle
• Short finger
• Hallux Valgus
• Long finger
• Hallux rigidus
• Dupuytren's contracture
  • Nerve (de)compression
 • Primary shoulder prosthesis
 • Shoulder prosthesis revision
 • Shoulder cuff rupture
 • Shoulder impingement
 • Shoulder instability

Available Forms

  • Oxford Shoulder Instability Score
  • Oxford Shoulder Score (OSS)
  • Dash 
  • Quick Dash
  • Simple Shoulder Test (SST)
  • Constant Murley
  • Walch-Duplay Score
  • Oxford Elbow Score
  • Mayo Elbow Performance Score

Hand / Wrist
  • Levive / BCTQ questionnaire
  • MHQ - Michigan Hand Outcome Questionnaire
  • MPQ - McGill Pain Questionnaire
  • PRWE - Patient-Rated Wrist Evaluation
  • PSFS - Patient-Specific Functional Scale
  • ICHOM Low Back Pain Standard
  • DSSR – Dutch Spine Registry
  • Swedish Spine Regitry
  • ODI - Oswestry Questionnaire

  • ICHOM HIP & KNEE dataset
  • Oxford Hip Score
  • Harris Hip Score
  • Forgotten Joint Score
  • PMA - Merle dÁubigne and Postel
  • Oxford Knee Score
  • Knee Society Score
  • Forgotten Joint Score
  • IKDC 
  • Tegner Activity Scale
  • Lysholm Score
Ankle / Foot
  • NJR (UK) & LROI (NL) ankle prosthesis registration
  • BOFAS (UK) Ankle Fusion Registration
  • Foot & Ankle Disability Index
  • Kitaoka Score
  • AOFAS (Ankle/Hindfood, Midfoot, Hallux, Lesser toes)
  • FAOS
  • Foot Function Index (FFI)
  • Manchester-Oxford Foot Questionnaire (MOXFQ)
  • Selfreported foot and ankle score (SEFAS)
  • EQ5D-3L
  • EQ5D-5L
  • SF12 
  • SF36
  • KATZ Index 
  • SNAQ - Short Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • MMSE - Mini-Mental State Examination

Proms / Prems

The PROMs  PREMs questionnaires were created in accordance with the  national standard of the orthopedic society.  For countries where there is not yet an standard, the customer can choose from the available forms defined on this page. 

Implant registration

Full digital implant registration in accordance with the standards of the orthopedic society is possible, whereby the operation data and implant parts are exported digitally to the national registry. By linking to the hospital information system, data no longer need to be entered twice.

Complication registration

Pre-operative and post-operative complication registration is possible per care path. The complication registration is based on the standards of the orthopedic society. Post-operative infection registration is part of the complication registration.

Link to HIS

The link to the hospital information system can be established to obtain patient information and related operation information. Linking the hospital information system offers the advantage of not having to enter data twice. This also better guarantees the reliability of the accuracy of the data.


The VBHC platform was designed in such a way that, if desired, benchmarking can take place between the care institutions that desire it. It is also possible to report on the basis of multiple care institutions, so that there is a larger patient population.

Export to national registry

SDS Medical can export both the PROMs and the implant registration information to the national registries

Export to ichom

SDS Medical can  exports outcome data to ICHOM benchmark projects.


SDS Medical B.V. complies with all of the requirements set by the orthopedic society for the measurement of total Hip Prosthesis PROMs.

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