VBHC based on care paths

Data are collected on the basis of a care path. The care path determines when a particular form must be completed. Medoc distinguishes between three types of information:

  • Hospital information
  • Patient information
  • Clinical information

Hospital information

Hospital information is usually known in the Hospital Information System (HIS/EPR). This information not only concerns demographic data - such as name, date of birth, sex and address - but also operation data. Medoc can be linked to HIS/EPR, but this information can also be entered manually.

Patient information

Patient information is information entered by the patient at moments designated for this purpose for a particular care path, such as PROMs and PREMs. Patient questionnaires can either be completed digitally at home or at the care institution. In the hospital, the patient uses a unique temporary session number and at home a secure web environment can be accessed through an email link. After answering several verification questions, the patient can fill in the questionnaire.

Clinical information

Clinical information is information entered by the care provider at moments determined for a care path. This can be an implant registration form or a complication/infection registration form, as well as the prior history or a physical examination form.
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